Welcome to a small informal farewell event after end of EGP34 ”in Budapest”.

I find it important to have some old forms even we can not meet in flesh. So, please, join to take one before your train goes. I host the event. I’ll take just a cup of coffee before I take my bike.

The event is taking place just after closing remarks of voting session in Saturday 3rd December, and lasts about an hour. It’s in Wonder.me-platform, which was used some night in the spring council, ”in Warszawa”. The meeting place is called Greens Joensuu and the important link is

Technical: You need to have laptop or computer. (At least last time it was not applicable with phone or tablet.) Wonder.me takes signing in, with your personal e-mail. No password needed.

Greens Joensuu in Wonder.me screenshot

Please, use camera and mic, so we can see each other! I understand there are exceptions.

How to find people: You simply move yourself with taking by mouse. When you are near of someone else, it automatically forms a discussion circle. There can be up to 15 people in one circle, so quite a big table. There are indicative areas if you are interested in meeting people interested in climate, green community, EU & Eastwards or elections. Circles can be done in or outside of these areas. You can join and leave discussions as you wish.

If anything, contact me: Ville Elonheimo, ville.elonheimo@vihreat.fi, twitter Ville_e, facebook (personal) & mese, even call +358 40 552 4994.

It’s slightly possible, you will meet other Finnish or local greens also, who have not been in EGP34.

See you!