Let’ make Joensuu a globally interesting town!

Joensuu has one of the top 500 universities, but in Finnish rankings of municipalities we are not in the top 10. I think Joensuu must aim to be globally interesting, and leave the Finnish competition.

We have and we could further develop our lively urban culture, where people of different artistic and business fields can meet.

We have high-quality schools. Even so, more resources are needed for materials and activities. Day-care must also be available also for the families who are not working or studying.

Creating jobs in the industries of tomorrow, not the past. Cooperation between universities and business development organisations should be more lively. Where is the stream of graduating students to JOSEK to found new enterprises, targeting global and local markets?

We need equal opportunities for work, study, and participation. Equal regardless of place of birth, physical or mental ability, or socio-economic situation.

I am a civic activist and community builder. I work to develop multicultural activities. My hobbies include winter cycling and coaching fencing.

Ville Elonheimo, Joensuu, Greens, nr 215 in local elections 9th April 2017, advance voting to 4th April.